Hey guys!

Figured I’d post so that everyone who sees the Facebook messages knows that this a) isn’t spam, and b) is worth your time.

Don’t even start with me on the whole “ugh but its sooo0000 muchh werk to hav 2 sign up 4 this shizz cuz i dont wanna type and stufffff” because I know. That’s basically unavoidable; even though it’ll only take a few clicks of your mouse and maybeeeee an email confirm., nobody actually wants to sign up for WordPress, or “follow” or whatever, at first. But it’s the best we (Rainbow Cafe) have for now, and we need your help; so we can grow, so that Rainbow Cafe can become self-sustaining, and truly make a difference in our local LGBTQ youth community.
So you might be wondering what the first step is in making a difference.
And I know you’ve heard it all before. Every campaign, every advertisement for you to “adopt a dolphin”, every Sarah McLachlan commercial (You know… “If this poor puppy could speak, he’d ask you to help him.”…) that makes you change the channel, often puts one point clearly.

Every change that will ever be made, cannot be made without your help.

And while following the R.C. WordPress probably isn’t the most you could do, it’s certainly one of the easiest things you could do. Despite the whole “ugh but its sooo0000 muchh werk to hav 2 sign up 4 this shizz cuz i dont wanna type and stufffff”.
If you follow it, someone might see it and follow it. Or your friends will talk about it. Then they’ll follow it. Then they’ll start commenting, and making discussions, and growing the community, and YES! then we’ve made it to where we need to be.
So please-
Go back, rethink this whole persuasion if you must, and do start making a difference. Get involved.

If you plan on re-reading this or sharing it with friends, please do so while having this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVbkz_3lO3c open in another window.

I have high hopes for Rainbow Cafe!

-Sunny ❤


Discussion Thread

Sunny and a few others, in the discussion that was posted under the 2012 Gay Prom Event page on our Facebook, have suggested we offer a place for Rainbow Cafe’ers to have similar discussions…   the discussions that develop on the Event page vanish when the event is over and becomes hidden.  We have this blog available, which up until now has been used mostly for news items.

I don’t think a “New Post” here can be started by anyone other than a moderator, but I’ve set it up so that anyone can ‘comment’ on a post…  so if you guys want to carry on a discussion using comments to this Post, let’s try it out.  Your first post will need to be approved by a moderator (me!), but after that you should be able to post freely — until we start getting spammed by spambots and robots …

If anyone has a better idea for setting up a discussion page, please let me know.

Jim C  …  ur RC webmaster.