Discussion Thread

Sunny and a few others, in the discussion that was posted under the 2012 Gay Prom Event page on our Facebook, have suggested we offer a place for Rainbow Cafe’ers to have similar discussions…   the discussions that develop on the Event page vanish when the event is over and becomes hidden.  We have this blog available, which up until now has been used mostly for news items.

I don’t think a “New Post” here can be started by anyone other than a moderator, but I’ve set it up so that anyone can ‘comment’ on a post…  so if you guys want to carry on a discussion using comments to this Post, let’s try it out.  Your first post will need to be approved by a moderator (me!), but after that you should be able to post freely — until we start getting spammed by spambots and robots …

If anyone has a better idea for setting up a discussion page, please let me know.

Jim C  …  ur RC webmaster.



2 Responses

  1. Would you make a blog post for the trans youth? There’s a WONDERFUL support forum over at http://http://www.whatisgender.net/phpBB3/
    Us Trans youth (well, im not so sure i’m a “youth” anymore being 20 but *shrugs*) have even fewer resources than the LGB community, and we’re often lumped in and then forgotten about. Im asking you use your “power” as the Admin of what looks like it will become something big to help bring the trans kids into the open, show them a place they can go for support, and above all work towards not alienating them as much of the LGB community and the rest of society does.

  2. hi everyone how was your summer? we have an excitiing few months coming up—-for October in conjunction with national coming out day on October 11 —the October meeting of Rainbow Cafe will be meeting at St.Marks Episcopal in teaneck, NJ JUST FOR OCTOBER ONLY–there will be a screening of the movie LIVE,FREE OR DIE –its about Bishop Gene Robinson who came out as the first openly gay priest
    this will be Sunday October 14th-4pm light supper,movie,discussion
    you dont have to stay for the simple eucharist afterwards
    but please come to the movie

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