National LGBTQI Young Adult Tobacco Needs Assessment

NYAC (National Youth Advocacy Coalition)  is happy to announce that the LGBTQI Young Adult Tobacco Needs Assessment survey tool is ready! After the tireless attention of the Tobacco Working Group over the past few months, we have designed a survey and process that we think (and hope) will be very useful in collecting information about behaviors, attitudes, and facts about how LGBTQI young adults are or are not using tobacco products.

Not only will we be able to make programmatic and policy recommendations for the nation, but we anticipate being able to make cross-regional comparisons and make specific regional statistics available to your organizations. In exchange for supporting and promoting this survey initiative, NYAC will donate $125 to the first 50 organizations that sign up to participate.

Each young adult who completes a survey will be entered into a rolling drawing to win one of the following Gift Cards – 10 cards worth $50, 5 cards worth $100, and 1 card worth $150.
Click here for more information or to take the survey online.